Belle & Sebastian jaw dropping performances MP3/Flac

live at the Bowlie Weekender, Camber Sands Holiday Centre, April 1999
01 Slow Graffiti
02 Seeing Other People
03 Dog On Wheels
04 The Wrong Girl
05 Winter Woolly
06 If You're Feeling Sinister
07 I Don't Love Anyone
08 The Boy With The Arab Strap
09 Photo Jenny
10 Lazy Line Painter Jane

recorded for the BBC Radcliffe Sessions, July and December 1996
11 Dog on Wheels*
12 The State I Am In
13 I Could Be Dreaming
14 We Rule The School*
15 Just A Modern Rock Song*
16 Seeing Other People (slow version, with trade-off verses)*
17 Judy And The Dream Of Horses
18 Like Dylan In The Movies

*not on 2008 BBC sessions compilation