Peter Sellers & Henry Mancini - The Party (1968) MP3/Flac

Peter Sellers & Henry Mancini - The Party (1968)Original 1968 USA album / vinyl: VG+ / cover: VG++ (deletion hole in cover) incl. original inner sleeve

The score of The Party was composed by Henry Mancini, including the song "Nothing to Lose." Mancini, commenting on audience reactions, noted, "That's what I get for writing a nice song for a comedy. Nobody's going to hear a note of it." During a scene later in the film, the band can be heard playing "It Had Better Be Tonight," which was a song Mancini composed for the first Pink Panther film.

1."The Party" [Vocal] 2:14
2."Brunette in Yellow" 2:56
3."Nothing to Lose [Instrumental]" 3:18
4."Chicken Little Was Right" 2:54
5."Candleleight On Crystal" 3:05
6."Birdie Num-Num" 2:21
7."Nothing To Lose [Vocal]" 2:25
8."The Happy Pipers" 2:17
9."Party Poop" 2:34
10."Elegant" 4:44
11."Wiggy" 3:02
12."The Party [Instrumental]" 3:12

The Party is a 1968 comedy film directed by Blake Edwards, starring Peter Sellers and Claudine Longet. The film has a very loose structure, and essentially serves as a series of set pieces for Sellers's improvisational comedy talents.[2] The comedy is based on a fish out of water premise, in which a bungling Indian actor accidentally gets invited to a lavish Hollywood dinner party and "makes terrible mistakes based upon ignorance of Western ways

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