Sport of Kings- Parade 12'' MP3/Flac

I know I just dropped a post late last night, but I can't help myself. Was just giving this one another listen after ripping it, and really feeling it today. Here we have the final 12'' from Sport of Kings, released in 1983. It still follows the same Factory Records template that their previous work did, adding in a mix of the Chicago and Miami sounds, respectively. Some might find the female vox on "A Fire is Burning" a bit much, but I truly love that kind of thing (also see the Mankinds Audio Development 12'' & Ministry's "I Wanted To Tell Her" for more of the same).

Don't fret though, even though this final 12'' is a bit more polished than their previous work, there's still plenty of dark, deep bass grooves for you to enjoy here. For those who missed their previous albums, you can get the On a Tall Building 12'' here, and their full length LP here. I do believe their first 7'' is still hiding somewhere, waiting to be discovered. If anyone has it, please chime in! Otherwise, here's the info for this record:

Sport of Kings- Parade 12''
1. Parade
2. A Fire Is Burning (Oligarchic Mix)
3. A Fire Is Burning
4. Tell Me Dance

*download it here*