999 - Live In L.A. 1991 (1994) MP3/Flac

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01 Lust, Power And Money
02 Hit Me
03 Inside Out
04 (Feelin' Alright) Crew
05 White Trash
06 Hollywood
07 Titanic Reaction
08 Boys In The Gang
09 Little Red Riding Hood
10 Don't You Know I Need You
11 Let's Face It
12 Emergency
13 English Wipe Out
14 Nasty Nasty
15 Homicide
16 My Street Stinks
17 I'm Alive
18 Boiler

One of the longest-lived groups of the punk era, 999 formed in London in December 1976. Live recordings can be questionable, but this is one of the few where you don't have to worry about the sound quality: it's terrific. Chugging rhythmic guitars, steady backbeat, and snappy melody...

Preview: 999 - My Street Stinks: