Boris The Sprinkler - 8-Testicled Pogo Machine (1995) MP3/Flac

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01 Drugs And Masturbation
02 Get Outta My Life
03 Boulevard Bulldog
04 Hey Professor Flutesnoot
05 She's So Disgusting
06 She's Got A Lighter
07 West Of The East
08 Anarchy Bob At The Mayo Cllinic
09 The Way It Is
10 Side Two
11 Gimme Gimme Grape Juice
12 Hexagonal Blues
13 1-3
14 Crop
15 For Paul's Sake
16 All My Time
17 Drunk
18 Girls Like U
19 Solomon Grundy
20 Hail Potsylvania
21 Untitled

Boris the Sprinkler were one of the most deliberately zany punk bands of the 1990s and early 2000s. If the energy of a live punk rock show along with the sights and sounds of Green Bay's Boris the Sprinkler could be captured and pressed, this record would be the result. Nothing compares to seeing Boris live, but this record comes close...

Preview: Boris The Sprinkler - Drunk: