Singles Going Single #167 - Potential Frenzy 7" (1992, Neptune) MP3/Flac

For a little while in the '90s, Mickey Mouse and the gang down at Dizz Knee Land had to share the same home turf as this Orlando trio, who took a few choice stabs at the rotting corpse of punk rock (soon to be revived by a plethora of mega-bucks major labels shortly after this single was released, but I digress).  Potential Frenzy's Norah Salmon grabs the mic for the saucy and mildy anthemic "Please Go Away," a taut power chord-addled ditty that's approximately three parts The Muffs and one part L7.  Sweet stuff.  Bassist John Saylors takes over on "Airwaves (Paid Off)" which clearly bemoans the homogenization of FM radio playlists years before Clear Channel went on their monopolistic feeding frenzy later in the decade.  PF's bio reads as follows:

Per Amazon, it appears Potential Frenzy issued a as well.  Another commentary on the band is available at your leisure over at Killed By Florida blog, and directly below you can fix your gaze on a lively Frenzy covering the Clash's "White Riot."

A. Please Go Away
B. Airwaves (Paid Off)