The Posies - Broadcasts, Vol. 3 MP3/Flac

Welcome to the third installment of the seven volume,  Broadcasts collection, a fan-curated assemblage of the group's on-air radio performances and FM concert simulcasts, which were surprisingly plentiful and well archived.   As I mentioned in my initial Posies onslaught two weeks ago, most of these sessions came to pass when Auer, Stringfellow and Co. were pushing their Frosting on the Beater and Amazing Disgrace albums.  This set is no exception, consisting primarily of two sterling sets for Amsterdam's 2 Meter Sessions, one from late '93, and then a 1996 follow-up for Amazing Disgrace.  The '93 Frosting-era session contains a few tongue-in-cheek, impromptu covers of Teenage Fanclub and Deep Purple tunes among others.  The session notes (included in the folder) mention that two songs from the original '93 broadcast ("Dreaming" and "Burn and Shine") were omitted due to inclusion on the box set, and a 2 Meter compilation CD respectively. 

2 Meter Sessions, Amsterdam, November 1, 1993
1. Flavor of the Month
2. Any Other Way
3. I Am the Cosmos (Chris Bell cover)
4. Teenage Fanclub Jam
5. When Mute Tongues Can Speak
6. Elvis Costello Jam
7. Earlier Than Expected
8. Deep Purple Jam
9. Dream All Day
10. Dave Brubeck Jam
11. Coming Right Along

2 Meter Sessions, Amsterdam, April 13, 1996
12. Everybody Is a Fucking Liar
13. Throwaway
14. Please Return It
15. Ontario
16. Broken Record
17. World
18. Limitless Expressions

from Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt 1998
19. Broken Record