Wobble Test - trixinickybambibo tape (1990) MP3/Flac

This turned out to be one of my best $1 Ebay finds in quite some time.  Regarded by some to be one of the finest bands to come out of Milwaukee, WI, discography apparently consisted of merely this cassette and a compilation appearance.  V-Fib Recordings website summarizes up their career better than I ever could:

Three teenagers from New Hampshire meet a boy from Milwaukee and decide to take their high school diplomas to the middle of nowhere to create rock 'n' roll in an absolute vacuum. Sound like a recipe for disaster? Yeah, well, kinda. . . but the tunes, man! Milwaukee's Wobble Test were a full throttle mix of Big Star, Jane's Addiction and The Knack. It's what's parked at the intersection of pop genius, depression, acid, amateur enthusiasm and beer. What The Replacements might have sounded like if they really partied.

The band consisted of Mike DeVogel (v, g), Tim Buckley (v,g), John Daniels (b), and Stevo (d). "Rewind" was the first tune off a brilliant 1989 cassette-only release called Trixybimbosomething (the combined names of Wobble Test's childhood dogs). The fellas in this band went on to play in other favorites Maki, Soda, Bi-centenial Drug Lord and Koester.They're kinda V-fib's "Patient X". The disease started here.

In addition to some of the aforementioned comparisons, I'm picking up trace elements of Pure Joy, The Senseless Things, and Soul Asylum (not as if this Brew City quartet had actually been familiarized with those first two).  My only hesitation in sharing trixinickybambibo is that the audio quality of the last two tracks gracing side one (esp "Bells") ironically hold true to the band's moniker, sounding unnaturally wobbly and warbly, most likely the byproduct of an aging cassette.   blog posted a nice write up on the band a few years ago, discussing among other things unreleased Wobble Test recordings (though all audio links are presently broken).

After W/T called it a day, Tim Buckley and John Daniels would later move onto the
Blow .

01. For Reasons I Have 9
02. Rewind
03. Daze
04. Bells
05. The Charm & the Strange
06. Verse Me
07. That One/Standing Fair