Bridge Climbers - Full Bag Don't Bend (1984, Explosive) MP3/Flac

With it's daft yet somehow strangely appealing album jacket, and an esoteric title to match, I couldn't resist taking a chance on this baby.  The Bridge Climbers were at one point going by the slightly lengthier moniker of Dale Lawton & the Bridge Climbers, naturally credited to the helmsman of this Tulsa, OK quartet.  Full Bag... starts things rolling with the reggae-lite tinged "Cameo," affording a little flair to the Climbers otherwise unsuspecting mid-tempo, power-pop/wave type stuff.  "Tightrope," featuring local legend  on backing vox, strums along in a more conventional stride, as do the even more stunning "Lost and Found" and "Little Girl You."  The rootsy "Let's Rock It" closes this affair out in Rockpile-ish fashion.  Lawton soldiered on into the '00s with a new cabal dubbed the Dale Lawton Stampede, who can be experienced on a thing called YouTube.    

01. Cameo
02. Tightrope
03. Try to Remember
04. Company You Keep (dub version)
05. Little Girl You
06. Lost and Found
07. All That Glitters
08. Let's Rock It