White Sisters - tape (1986) MP3/Flac

A thoroughly Anglophile obsessed trio from Madison, WI who had the privilege to work with grunge-wielding Butch Vig way back in the mid-80s?  Unlikelier pairings there may have been in the annals of "modern rock" history, but the all male White Sisters were definitely something of a curiosity, but a fairly enjoyable one.  Word has it that this ep length cassette accompanied copies of the Sisters which has been digitized by the thoughtful folks over at Consolation Prizes blog, as well as a Fire Escape Talking blog points out that lead Sister Jeffrey Borchardt would later go onto and Honeybunch.  As for the music at hand, the four cuts here make a case for the White Sisters being the well-scrubbed love-children of Aztec Camera, the June Brides, and to wax even more obscure, a host of virtual unknowns that populated so many of those compilation albums.  Really sweet stuff.

01. All is More
02. Lazy
03. Some Folk's Fears
04. The Tastes That Rule