Eddie Osborn - Fabulous Eddie, Vol. 2, at the Replica Wurlitzer MP3/Flac

I love organ music so when I saw this album last year I went ahead and bought it. I thought the artwork was pretty cute, too. Well, it's not exactly the kind of organ music I like (I was expecting more loungey stuff), but it's certainly very nostalgic. When I listen to it, I feel like I'm at a baseball game and someone should be coming around to sell me some peanuts. Or, that I should be at an old-time theatre watching a silent movie. It's that kind of organ music. Still, the history of the Replica Wurlitzer is quite interesting, and you can read about it . You can see a cool picture of the organ on that page - very impressive. I couldn't find a release date on this record, but by reading about the Replica Wurlitzer ("made" around 1955) and that Replica Records was liquidated in the late 1950s, I'm guessing that this album was made in the late 1950s.

Track listing for
Fabulous Eddie, Vol. 2, at the Replica Wurlitzer:

Side 1:
1. McNamera's Band March
2. Medley: September Song and September in the Rain
3. Sleepy Lagoon
4. Oh, You Beautiful Doll
5. In A Little Spanish Town
6. Five Foot Two
7. Pop Goes the Weasel

Side 2:
1. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
2. You're the Cream in My Coffee
3. It All Depends on You
4. Moonglow
5. Smiles Medley
6. Toot, Toot, Tootsie
7. Tuxedo Junction