The Moods - King Hustler - Hustlin MP3/Flac

Great Funky Soul right here! I played King Hustler at my 1st 45 session way back when and have been sitting on it a long long while. Seems like a great time to drop it! From what i can find out these guys were a Philly band that evolved out of the group called "The Volcanos" - The Volcanos recorded several 45's for the Arctic label and later a 45 for the Harthon label. Sometime around 1968, Gene Jones left the group, re-christened himself Gene Faith and started recording for Philadelphia’s Virtue records. The rest of the group reformed as the Moods and recorded at least one 45 for Wand, �Rainmaker’ b/w �Lady Rain’. Then there is this 45 on Reddog �Hustlin’ b/w �King Hustler’

Ok here is where I need some help.

There seems to be some kind of a foul up on my copy of this 45 as i have heard the flip "Hustlin" on the web elsewhere and it is just the song King Hustler without the vocals. My Flip says Hustlin on the label but the song is singing about Holding An Aution On Love and has nothing to do with "Hustlin"... WTF? Can anyone confirm what this song is and is it even the same group?

The Moods - Hustlin (Auction on Love?)