The Harp-Tones - Sunday Kind Of Love & The G-Cleffs - Ka-Ding Dong & A small story: (Does anyone really care obout this stuff anymore?) MP3/Flac


Most record guys are dicks: This is NOT one of them....

I just picked these 2 records up yesterday @ the local flea market. I bought them off of a guy i have been buying records off of for a few years now. Nothing major, but i always buy a few cheap 45's off him. These were only a few bucks each as most of his records are. He is a nice guy. A little older and is always jamming oldies out of a boom box in the back of his van. We always talk a little bit about this and that and of course records & music, but yesterday was a bit different. He was talking about how he was thankful the weather is getting nicer and he was thinking of moving his operation. (he sells at different markets around town) And we got the talking about "The Spot". Now the spot is a place i have been buying records at for a lot longer than most and i used to go every weekend without fail for years and years. But the spot isn't the same since "Old Man Mike" died. I talked about a way back and how i have been buying records off him since the 80's. Well since his passing there has been a whole lot of crazy shit that has gone on with his record collection and his family and people getting at his records and what not but that is a different story... SO ANYWAY... I knew that he knew old man Mike but did not know if they were friends or not. You see there is A LOT of competition in the world of record collecting and selling. Most of these old cats that sell out at the markets make their living off of doing this shit so its a dog eat dog world in the land of flea market record buying and selling. And most of the guys would stab their own Mother in the back to get at a box of records FIRST! But this guys isn't like that at all, he is mellow and i have always liked him, after all we both have the same first name, but once we got talking about Mike and i found out he had nothing but nice things to say about the old man and he was telling stories about how Mike helped him out of a few tight spots my affection for the guy grew even more. So after an hour or so of telling some stories about the record folks we like and dislike i paid my small few for a few moldy old records and went home thinking about Mike and all the other record freaks and all unscrupulous shit that goes on out there amongst these assholes and thought what a waste of time. I collect records for the fun of it and because i love music. I don't make money doing this, i SPEND money. And then i thought to myself, man, you sure do have a lot of records. And who gives a shit. I mean does anyone really care about two 45's from 1956 in this day and age? and why all the hub bub? People treat these records like objects and lose sight of the real reason that they even exist, to be listened too! I guess for some people this is business and i know i am a small fish in a big pond when it comes to records but i have a fairly large collection but i am a bottom feeder. I don't have deep pockets. But i have some decent stuff most of which i have come across by hours and hours of digging and hitting thrift stores & markets at 6 AM. i just hope that when i croak my family can make a few bucks off my vinyl and keep the asshole record collectors away from my shit!

So anyway, here are 2 records you may or may not give a rats ass about. In the big scheme of things this shit matters not, but enjoy anyway... ( or not)

oh, and if you see "Tommy" above, buy something off him and tell him the devil sent ya....

The Harp-Tones - Sunday Kind Of Love

The G-Cleffs - Ka-Ding Dong