Bill Haley - Real Rock Drive & Ray Smith - That's All Right - Rockin' Little Angel MP3/Flac

I got these 45's with the same records as the ones from yesterday's post. If you read that then you get it. Sure these things are beat to hell but it's the music, not perfect labels i am after. I actually got shit in my comments about a label that was ugly once... if these labels turn you off then go take your elitist musical ass some place else.

The Ray Smith 45 a payed i buck for and even with its ugly labels worth every penny. Real good Elvis influenced rockabilly stuff from 1959 or 1960?

the Bill Haley i payed a few dollars more for this but it is from 1952 and pretty rare i guess. It is pretty hard to find early Bill Haley stuff on Essex. I have a bunch of his Decca 45's but only a few on Essex so i bought it. Man, was this cat ahead of the game... 1952!

Anyway, i'm throwing these up to further a few of my points from yesterday.... Enjoy the music and never mind the beat up labels.

As for Mr. Haley, I'm sure most are familiar w/ him, no?

And as for Mr. Ray Smith, well, he killed himself in 1979....

Have a nice day!

Ray Smith- That's All Right

Ray Smith - Rockin' Little Angel