Abraxas Pool - 1997 - Ex Santana Members MP3/Flac


01- Boom Ba Ya Ya (Carabello, Rolie, Schon)
02- A Million Miles Away (Rolie, Schon, Shrieve)
03- Baila Mi Cha-Cha (Areas)
04- Waiting for You (Rolie, Shrieve)
05- Going Home (Rolie)
06- Szabo (Schon, Shrieve)
07- Guajirona (Areas)
08- Cruzin' (Rolie)
09- Don't Give Up (Rolie, Schon, Shrieve)
10- Ya Llego (Areas, Carabello)
11- Jingo (Olatunji)

Gregg Rolie - Keyboards - Lead Vocals
Neal Schon - Guitar
Mike Shrieve - Drums
JosГ© "Chepito" Areas - Timbales
Alphonso Johnson - Bass
Mike Carabello - Congas

This record SHOULD have been huge, but alas that was not to be. With four members of 1969 Santana Band: Greg Rolie, Michael Shrieve, Jose "Chepito" Areas and Michael Carabello, Joined together with Santana's most famous 'Second' Guitarist and founding member (With Greg Rolie) of Journey, Neal Schon and later-day Santana bassist Alphonso Johnson. All the elements are here, with the powerful percussion force of Shrieve/Areas & Carabello and those smooth vocals and keyboards of Greg, the stellar guitar of Neal Schon, This CD is something special. The fact that only a few of us would hear this amazing music is quite a shame.
That said "Abraxas Pool" is a CD that BELONGS in any music collection. With the BIG drum sound of the opening number "Boom Ba Ya Ya" it is clear to all that this train has not lost any steam, to Describe the sound of these musicians is like describing being charged by a runaway elephant in some steamy jungle. The second tune: "A Million Miles Away" would have sounded real good on the radio. Also of note are the great tunes: "Going Home" and "Don't Give Up" that are as good as anything from The 1969 -1971 period that these musicians remember with great fondness. Mr. Neal Schon get's a showcase number on the wonderful: "Szabo" that has the pure emotion of the best of The Santana Band. But "Abraxas Pool" is not locked in the past, this music is new & fresh and the production is top-notch. Just one listen to the new version of "Jingo" will prove that to your ears.
Except for a short tour of the west coast and this stunning CD, Abraxas Pool is no more. Pick this up whilst it is still available.(By Philip S Wolf)
Enjoy !!!