Blodarna (or, in English, The Bleeders) were a short lived outfit featuring our current patron saint of underground Swedish sounds, Ola Astrand. This 7" EP from the late 70's appears to be their sole output, but eegads is it a monster! For anyone who thought that the spirit that animated iconic Swedish underground bands like Parsson Sound, Harvester, International Harvester and Trad Gras Och Stenar to create their celebrated mantic psych/drone/folk/trudge continuum was a done deal by the end of the 70's, Blodarna were there to prove them fools. As before with the Hot Boys LP, I'll now once again turn you over to Ola himself for further elucidation:

Stry Terrarie is one of Swedens front figures in punk rock and famous from bands like Kriminella Gitarrer, Garbochock and Ebba Grön. But in the short lives band Blödarna (The Bleeders) it was far from punk rock. In this record the music has more in common with Pärson Sounds than Sex Pistols The song is divided on both sides. Blödarna also contributes to the compilation cassette "Eldbegängelse" från 1981.

Both Stry Terrarie and Mikael Westergren later continued in Garboschock and Eva Sjuve in Kabinett Död.

Side 1 and 2:
Diggar ditt hГҐl

Heartwork Records
Stry Terrarie: vocals
 Ola Åstrand: guitar 
Mats Svensson: drums 
Sjuve: organ
 Mikael Vestergren: Bass 

Recorded live in Lund/Seden
spring 1979.

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