Thanks once again to Ola Astrand, who gifted us all last time with the remarkable Tand Morkret compilation (and whose own extraordinary late 70's unit Blodarna is shared elsewhere today), we can now offer up this insanely rare piece of Swedish underground musical history. I'll let Ola himself take it from here:

Thomas Tidholm is best known as a poet and writer. He was born 1943 and was an original member of Pärssons Sound and Harvester, but quit 1969. He made this record Varma smörgåsar (Hot Dogs) with member of Träd gräs och stenar and Arbete & fritid 1974 to almost no recognition at all in Sweden. Except that Kung Tung made a cover of the song Två blodröda segel 1979. Today this is a most forgotten piece of music that really deserves a wider spread and a bigger audience. The songs depicts a Sweden long gone with a small hotel in every little town center, the kind of longing for something different and not knowing how to find it that's been Tidholm's main theme as a poet. The music is maybe more influenced by Stones than Terry Riley but still with a real Harvester feeling to it.

Together with Thomas Mera Gartz lp Sånger this is this the best off shots from the Pärssons Sound/ Träd gräs och stenar, and they are both really good records. Thomas Tidholm made another record 1985 called Obevakade Ögonblick and Mera Gartz made Luftsånger 1984.
Some of Tidholms poems in english here:

Bo Anders Persson
Piano, sГҐng, gitarr

Jakob Sjöholm

Katarina Abelli
Fiol, sГҐng

Sten Wallin

Thomas Gartz
Trummor, fiol

Thomas Tidholm
SГҐng, gitarr, fiol, blГҐs

Torbjörn Abelli
Bas, fiol

Urban Yman

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