Viny'l'isten presents the aesthetics of two esteemed avant turntablists, both individually and in conjunction; each exhibiting a keen capacity to open doors to your subconscious by careful manipulations of antiquated vinyl's dust flecked scrying mirror. Jeck's initial solo salvo here piles up effected layers of skipping shellac disc textural grit against which stray dictophone chatter and needle-gunked fragments of 1/4 speed ethnic recordings mark time to vaguely Crawling With Tarts-like effect, while one time Z.D.L. member Van Bebber (whose other experiments with vinyl abuse I've previously posted) uses his alloted solo space here to cycle about in a statically charged orbit before his hairball-caked carousel gradually slides off it's psychically noogie-ing axis into a field of faded media ghostings and gradually finds footing once again on another purgatorial roundelay. These two then come together for a half hours worth of untitled fascination; their surrealist exquisite corpse summoned from the debris of the radiophonic age, with media and musical signifiers piling up in far greater densities than their solo efforts frequently allow for.

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