The Cheebacabra - Exile In The Woods (2006) MP3/Flac

"From sinister to sexy, robotic to playful, the sound of "Exile In The Woods" is undeniably unique and unforgivingly funky. Tight drums consistently hold down these instrumental, analog synth-heavy grooves. Half of the album’s twelve musicians are credited with synthesizers, including bandleader/producer Cheeba, Money Mark (The Beastie Boys), Steve Moore (Laura Veirs, Skerik’s Syncopated Taint Septet), and Aja West (The Mackrosoft). A wide array of more organic instruments are featured as well, including trumpet, violin, sax, clavinet, guitar, and melodica. Also of note is Peter Scherr of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra on upright bass. Exile in the Woods was recorded in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong." -

"Like Disney's Electrical Parade on acid." - Wax Poetics

"One of the more madly tripped out albums from the Mackrosoft camp in the past few years -- a very electric bit of keyboard funk that sets a whole new level for the Cheeba sound! The record's got a style that starts with 70s fusion, but which almost moves into an 80s electro sound -- not in the structure of the songs, because they're mostly still jazz-based -- but in the way Cheeba uses the keyboards, and comes up with a slightly flat-edged sound to the grooves, which really gives them a sinister feel! There's a number of guests listed for the record, but the main sound here is really from the keys -- nicely messed-up, almost a bit fuzzy at times!" -


1. The Annunciation
2. March Of The Biomorphs
3. The Secret Agenda
4. Auto-Indexing
5. Chatter
6. Levitan's Eye
7. Sneak Attack
8. Rebirth Of The Electric Ant
9. The Treehouse
10. Dysplastic Nevi
11. A Journey Begins
12. Exile In The Woods