Historia da MPB, NoГ«l Rosa 1 - Various Artists,Abril Cultural 1970 MP3/Flac

NoГ«l Rosa's music is loved all over Brazil. His songs

have such strong lyrics, they are like Brazilian blues.

Although about 80 years old, the themes never get

boring and even today find plenty of listeners. The tracks

I recorded from from this 10" record were polished somehow

in 1970 but sound like they come straight from the old 78

rpm plates. Lots of crackle and pop but still I could not resist

ripping them. Part from #2 by Maria Bethania and #4 and #8

by Martinho da Vila the songs are from the 30's. If anyone

has a restoring program, that would be helpful, thanks.


1 Aracy de Almeida - Ultimo desejo

2 Maria Bethania - TrГЄs apitos

3 Orlando Silva - Dama do cararГ©

4 Martinho da Vila - Conversa de botequim

5 Aracy de Almeida - Palpite infeliz

6 Marilia Baptista e NoГ«l Rosa - Quem ri melhor

7 Almirante - O orvalho vem caindo

8 Martinho da Vila - Com que roupa