Fruko y sus Tesos - El Mejor,Discos Fuentes 1981 MP3/Flac

On Discos Fuentes, from Medellin, Colombia, we have this

LP by one of the country's biggest salsa stars. Fruko

started out together with Joe Arroyo and Wilson Saoko in

the early seventies. They were followers of Johnny Pacheco

and the Fania movement in New York. On Fruko's early work

you hear that salsa-brava sound a bit more. Meanwhile with

the making of this album, in 1981, Joe Arroyo is replaced by

Piper Pimienta Diaz. Historic Fruko material however.

Find at least 5 of his early LP's if you use our search-bar.

Always loved Fruko's tight sound,...y sus Tesos.


1 Las flores

2 El verdulero

3 La muerte de dos hermanos

4 Te quiero mas

5 Vengo por ti

6 Serenata latina

7 Cada dia te quieromas

8 Mi ranchito

9 El son del tren

10 Mi pensamiento