Lassissi PrГ©sente, Bopol Mansiamina -Mariage ForcГ©, Sacodis MP3/Flac

On Sacodis, Lassissi PrГ©sente 'Bopol Mansiamina'.

If you speak of guitar driven, Bopol Mansiamina as a

string magician guarantees just that. His music

stands firm as a house and rocks on and on. Co-produced

by Bopol himself, the man knew what he was doing. Sacodis'

info is very poor and the backsleeve gives no names at all.

Come on connaisseurs of Congolese music, who are the

other players on this album ? Syran probably,

who else ? I'm sure some of you know..


1 Mariage forcГ©

2 Yenga yenga

3 Kale ye ngangu

4 Ye... a bouger