Les Plus Grands Succes ZaГЇrois, vol.3 -Various Artists, Sonafric 50044, 1977 MP3/Flac

To complete the series, the third and final part. I am not the first

to post them ( 2+3 ) but a series like this one deserves to find it's way to

you as much as possible. Personally, I think this number 3 is just

too good to be true, one track more beautiful than the other.

Verckys' sensual saxophone captures me again and again, did

he participate in some of the other songs aswell, or is it just my

imagination ? Anyway, do not hesitate and get them while you can.


1 Franco & l'O.K. Jazz - Beyos

2 Kongo Vox - Mabala ya ndenge ya kala

3 Verckys & son Ensemble - Bawaka

4 Cercul Jazz - Na sapeli Aline

5 Congolia - Bolingo na ngai Jeanne

6 Franco & l'O.K. Jazz - Ngai na boya na boyate

7 Kongo Vox - Ndoli ya mosapi

8 Veckys & son Ensemble - Nakokufa mpona muasi nalingi

9 Cercul Jazz - Eloba Kalle... Pepe

10 Congolia - Nakolela nani