Bezerra da Silva e ReyjordГЈo -Partido Alto Nota 10, vol.3Os pagodes mais cantados nasrodas de samba da malandragem,CID 1980 MP3/Flac

A sunny saturday with sunny music. I have been asked to post

some of that samba I brought home lately and It's my pleasure

to do so. I am not so fond of them over-produced types of samba,

you know, with violins and huge orchestration.

The beauty lies in simplicity and strong lyrics if I am concerned.

The samba of Bezerra is perfect in that aspect, simple but effective

instrumentation and lirycs that really stand out to my opinion. He sings

about the people's daily problems including his own. Crooks, thieves

and dopeheads are often subject in his always mocking songs. This

uncut samba with it's delightful rough edges is like candy for the purist.

6 songs by Bezerra da Silva and 6 by ReyjordГЈo, enjoy.


1 Mulambo sГі

2 Mulher da melhor qualidade

3 Meu pirГЈo primeiro

4 Cara de cruel

5 Todo enrolado

6 Velha demais

7 MatemГЎtica do feijГЈo

8 Boi que morre na minha fazenda

9 Greve dos ladrГµes

10 Lei da madeira

11 Caboclo porrete

12 TГґ com poderoso