Empire Bakuba - Bakuba Show,Syllart 1987 MP3/Flac

PГ©pГ© KallГ© and Empire Bakuba are back with another

fine LP. It is from 1987 and contains some excelent

songs. Imagine being Emoro in this funny picture,

where would you be pointing your spear at ? Not at that

poor old cheetah, right ? Hmm, let's just listen to

this nice album before getting distracted,

Great sleeve, great artists, great music.


1 Bakuba show

- Ma belle Dibo

- Vie ya mote

- Nazoki

- O mama lye

- Amena

- Meka okangama

- Wando

2 Phono

3 Miss Goma

4 Naponi Ngoluke