C.C. Catch - Grand Collection Vol.1 (2007) MP3/Flac

C.C. Catch - Grand Collection Vol.1 (2007)
C.C. Catch - Grand Collection Vol.1 (2007)

Artist: C.C.Catch
Album: Grand Collection Vol.1
Country: Germany
Released: 2007
Genre: Electronic,Pop
Style: Disco,Synth-pop
Hi-End Quality: 192Kbit/s
Size: 107Mb
Covers: Yes


01. cause you are young
02. heaven and hell
03. i can lose my heart tonight
04. strangers by night
05. you can't run away from it
06. jump in my car
07. stop dragging my heart around
08. hollywood nights
09. you can be my lucky star tonight
10. picture blue eyes
11. v.i.p. (they're calling me tonight)
12. you shot a hole in my soul
13. born on the wind
14. tears won't wash away my heartache
15. one night's not enough
16. stay
17. heartbreak hotel