Michael White - Father Music, Mother Dance (1974) MP3/Flac

Michael White - Father Music, Mother Dance (1974)

Father Music, Mother Dance - Impulse AS-9268 (LP) quadraphonic

1. Father Music, Mother Dance
2. Reiko
3. Commin’ From
4. Way Down Inside
5. Water Children
6. Mary's Waltz

Michael White - electric violin, rhythm violin, African tambourine, bass drum, handclap, Moog synthesizer, vocal
Norman Williams - alto saxophone
Bob King - guitar
Clifford Coulter - piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hammond organ
Kenneth Jenkins - amplified bass, Fender bass
Clarence Becton - drums, agogo
Kenneth Nash - congas, North African sakara drums, Knole drum, Chinese temple bells and gongs, cowbell, tambourine, wood bells, piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano bottom, pepper-filled Kodak film can shaker, and assorted African and South American percussion instruments
Marti McCall - lead and background vocals
Josef Powell - background vocals
Myrna Matthews - background vocals

From the liner notes:
Recorded at Wally Heider Recording, SF, January 16-18, 1974, and sweetened at ABC Recording Studios and Royal Hidley Hall, LA. Engineering by Baker Bigsby, assisted by Valerie Clausen (Heider’s) and Dominic Lumetta.

The producer would like to express his appreciaton to the following honorary members of the Neo-Z-Mtg. Co. Gross Art Production Team for their much-needed assistance and aid: Professor George Hormel for his continued encouragement; his wiling henchman, Judge La Palm, for Moog services above and beyond the call of friendship; Thomas Q. Hidley for thick carpets and snappy dressing; the redoubtable Sandra Axelrod for her new found negotiating skills; Valerie and Debbie for their knowledge of hotcha gourmet spots in the City By The Bay, and their unfailing courage in the face of fainting spells and other errata; and the dreaded Susan Atamain, for both her patience and restraint, to say nothing of her incomparable ability to get her old man up in time, no matter the adversity of curcumstance.

The album was mixed by means of the Standard Matic system for fully compatible stereo and quadraphonic reproduction, and should provide and exceptional when heard on any high quality playback system.

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