Stanley Jordan - Live in Montreal (1990) MP3/Flac

Stanley Jordan - Live in Montreal (1990)
DVD-5 | English | Image Entertainment | 59 min | 720 x 480 (NTSC) | Audio: PCM 2.0,Dolby Digital,DTS | 4.31 GB
Genre: Jazz,Concert | issued 2003

Stanley Jordan - Live in Montreal (1990)

Stanley Jordan - Live in Montreal (1990)

Stanley guitar playing is powerful, emtional, impressive. He plays the guitar like a piano, tapping with his fingers the entire fretboard. He also can play with two guitar at the time, doing the comping and the soloing at the same time. But the concert is not only Jordan. Charnett Moffet is an unbelievable bassist: He play with soul, I enjoy see him playing and when he enters to the solo... whoa! he shows eveything he knows. Tommy Campbell at the drums is another important piece in this concert.
Highly recommended to any Jordan's fan, guitar players and jazz fans. - by Antonio Palacios

Track list:

01. Flying home
02. Cousin Mary
03. Autumn leaves
04. All the children
05. One less bell to answer
06. Eleanor Rigby
07. Willow weep with me
08. What's going on
09. Lady in my life
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