Insomnia - Rollercoaster (2008) MP3/Flac


01. Insomnia - Another Road
02. Insomnia - Displacement
03. Insomnia - Sequence Select
04. Insomnia - 24.7
05.Insomnia - Argaman
06. Insomnia - 21 Gram
07. Insomnia - Nocturno
08. Insomnia - Island
09. Insomnia - Rational Vision
10. Oforia - Cyber Hiker (Insomnia Rmx)

Release Notes:
Trancelucent Productions is back with its first blossom for 2008...
Insomnia, second studio album, RollerCoaster.Insomnia has fast become a house hold name in the global international scene, their tracks have been played by all the TOP trance dj's and producers known to man.INsomnia are Tom Shoval and Orel Shapira, cousins and best friends, working side by side for a few years now.

2007 marked an upgrade in their career, which placed them as one of the most talked about aspiring new groups roaming planet earth.INsomnia's debut album was released in 2006 (Trancelucent Prod.), and since than they have been working long hours in the studio perfecting their sound and taking their craft to another level, the level presented in this remarkable, and mature album.

INsomnia, in 2007 alone, have released an enormous amount of tracks on compilation releases, by TOP international labels, such as: Trancelucent Prodcuctions, their mother ship, Com.Pact Recors, BNE Records, Drive Records, Wakyo Records, JVC Victor Ent., T.P.E Records, Sirius Records, Planet BEN Records, Tactic Records, Millenium Records (YSE), Mushy Records, Magma Records and a few others2007 brought the formation of their brand new state of the art studio which has definitely elevated the INsomnia sound.

RollerCoaster is a colorful reflection to the new and addictive INsomnia sound and as the name implies it's an energetic adventure consisting of 10 magical tracks, each with his own distinct direction and imprint, yet all bearing the significant INsomnia sound.