Frankie Goes To Hollywood Hard On (2002) MP3/Flac

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Hard On (2002)

Frankie Goes To Hollywood Hard On (2002)

Type 80's [DVDR] 14 Video
Movie: Untouched 4.07 GB
Image ISO Menu: Yes
Extra: interviews,

The story of frankie goes to hollywood
Picture gallery including record sleeves,
Photographs, press articles,magazine covers.
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
File Format:VTS
Source: DVD
Resolution: 720X480, NTSC
Duration: 125 mins
Video Bitrate: 5,300Kbps
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 2.0
Audio Bitrate: 224kbps

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Bang!.... Hard On [The Greatest Hits & The Complete ZTT Videos]
(2002 German exclusive 3-disc set comprising of 13-track CD album and Region 2-6 DVD
featuring 14 classic videos plus interviews and photo gallery completewith bonus
'Watching The Wildlife' 4-track CD single in card picture sleeve - presented in unique
sealed fold-out digipak picture sleeve with 16-page booklet!).

Bonus DVD playlist:

1 Relax
2 Two Tribes
3 The Power Of Love
4 Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Full 7 minutes, 52 seconds)
5 Rage Hard
6 Warriors Of The Wasteland
7 Watching The Wildlife
8 Relax: Live Version
9 Relax: Laser version
10 Two Tribes '93
11 The Power Of Love; Version 2
12 Welcome To The Pleasuredome: 93
13 The Power Of Love: 2K
14 Two Tribes: 2K