Al Hirt Honey In The Horn/That Honey Horn Sound MP3/Flac

Al Hirt was a favorite son of his native New Orleans, the town that gave America Dixieland Jazz. Known for years as the "Round Mound of Sound," the genial Hirt was the most popular working Dixieland musician in the country. His original fusion of jazz and rock elements helped to bring the music of New Orleans to the attention of a new generation in the 1960s; since then he and his trumpet have been closely associated with both the city and its signature sound.
"Honey In The Horn", originally released in 1963 and "That Honey Horn Sound", originally released in 1965 are combined on this album.В  All that's missing is the pop and crackle of the original vinyl!В  Enjoy!

1. I Can't Get Started
2. Java
3. Man With A Horn
4. Tansy
5. Night Theme
6. Talkin' Bout That River
7. Fly Me To The Moon
8. To Be In Love
9. Al Di La
10. Malibu
11. Theme From A Dream
12. I'm Movin' On
13. Fancy Pants
14. Danny Boy
15. Long Walk Home
16. The Contrary Waltz
17. Fiddler On The Roof
18. None But The Lonely Heart
19. Alley Cat
20. Star Dust
21. Butterball
22. Over The Rainbow
23. You Took Advantage Of Me
24. Flowers And Candy