Rogue Hearts MP3/Flac

vocals by Nak, mixed by Evan Awake


1. NAK Г— Ruff Trak - City Love Song
2. NAK Г— Kettel - Scarred Hearts
3. NAK Г— Soulostar - All Alone
4. NAK Г— Marcus D - I Still Love You
5. NAK Г— Maker - Memoir
6. NAK Г— Blue Sky Black Death - Future Mistake
7. NAK Г— Wizard - March for Educatio
8. NAK Г— MF DOOM - Rogue Rap
9. NAK × 가리� - Syllable Practice
10. NAK Г— Michita - Keep Moving [Nujabes Tribute]

i'd say this is one of Evan Awake's best projects yet!! words with deep meaning, classic instrumentals, seamless mixing.. what more can you ask for? =)