Hanson Brothers - Gross Misconduct (1992) MP3/Flac

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01 No Emotion
02 It's A Secret
03 A Night Without You
04 My Girlfriend's A Robot
05 Sabrina
06 Butthead
07 Go Away
08 Comatose
09 Road Pizza
10 No More Headcheese
11 Duke It Out
12 Lovesick
13 Jack Off
14 Total Goombah!
15 Blitzkreig Hops
16 You Are Not For Me
17 Bad

From the parody of the Road to Ruin album cover to the straightforward punk rock assault, Gross Misconduct is Ramones idolization, pure and simple. This could be filed away under basic hero worship if not for one thing: The Hanson Brothers utterly blow away their mentors in every way imaginable...

Preview: Hanson Brothers - No More Headcheese: