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Cows: Sexy Pee Story

Cows: Sexy Pee Story

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now some of you may have read the mention of the SGM interview with kevin rutmanin mentioned down yonder...and even though it's mentioned that he's played bass in the cows and the melvins...some of you may still be scratching your heads and saying "the cows? the melvins? what are those things?"

the cows were a band out of minneapolis,mn and were part of that whole noise rock thing back in the 90s

they released 9 albums...all mostly released on the amphetamine reptile label (this album being #6)

i chose this album because this is the band at the tippy top of their game (and SEXY PEE STORY is just an awesome thing to say...go on and try working in into everyday conversation: "will that be paper of plastic?" "sexy pee story" "excuse me?" "exactly")

and not only that...you even get a cover of the song "39 lashes" from the JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR album

all in all...this is a good way to spend some alone time

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The album code is : ODI174713

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