The Pretty Things - The BBC Sessions MP3/Flac

Phil May - Vocals
Pete Tolson - Guitar
Victor Unitt - Guitar
Stuart Brooks - Bass
Wally Allen Waller - Bass, Vocals
John Povey - Keyboards
Viv Prince - Drums
Skip Alan - Drums
Gordon Edwards - Vocals
The Pretty Things were really two groups. 1. The studio band who used the facilities of Abbey Road to their ultimate and produced crafted recordings the equal of The Beatles. 2. The live band who shed many of the niceties in favour of dynamics and a heavier, rockier sound.
This excellent value double CD (each one is 79 minutes long) highlights much of the bands BBC session work which extended from 1964 through to 1973. Many of the songs underwent changes during the course of numerous gigs and these changes were usually for the better. The inclusion of guitarist Peter Tolson on the Parachute material also served to kick the songs onto a different harder hitting plain and also served to illustrate his wonderful and much missed guitar virtuosity.
Repertoire's packaging and Mike Stax's sleeve notesd is first rate. The only grouse being the missed opportunity to hear a number of songs that were never recorded and survive still in the BBC vaults. (By Alan Lakey )
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