Congo, Tours de Force vol.3 - Various Artists MP3/Flac

One of the things I like best about having this blog, is

making compilations, I used to do it with casettes in

the old days and still have boxes full of them. My little

shop was the place we played them and in the car of course.

Every tape has a story and belongs to a certain period. It brings

back memories from long gone times. Nowadays we have

technics beyond imagination and the fact I can share them with

you folks straight away makes it all the more complete.

Next in line is this third volume in the Congolese series,

Hope you like'm like I do, cheers..


1 African Fiesta, Nico - Biatondi Kasanda

2 Kalle, Papa NoГ«l - Moselebende too bolingo

3 Bavon Marie Marie - Maseke ya meme Congo

4 Orchestre OK Jazz ( Franco ) - Savon reward chez Marsavco

5 Kongo Retro Band 83 - Air fluvial

6 Camille Feruzi - Cha cha cha bay

7 Papa Noël – Bon samaritan

8 Lucie Eyenga - Yaka mama

9 Jean Bokelo & Ensemble Conga Succes - Bana conga baleli liwa ya Sinatra

10 Vicky et OK Jazz - Na zali kitoko mingi

11 Verckys & l'Orchestre VГ©vГ© - Vicky

12 Fantastic Tchico - MГ©ditation

13 Rochereau, Mujos & Nico et l'African Fiesta - Tabalissimo

14 Mose se Sengo 'Fan Fan' - Cheko

15 Orchestre Shama-Shama - Basaleli ngai likita