Congo, Tours de Force vol.4 - Various Artists MP3/Flac

'Damn Moos, you're looking younger all the time, what's

your secret ?', they ask me. Well folks it's quite easy actually,

Do not miss one single day if it concerns listening to the music

you really love. Last week I heard on the news that listening to music

helps the body to make dopamine. The stuff that makes us feel happy.

So, next to a few other things of course, listening to music is a very

healthy habbit, keeps you young. So listen at home, at work, especially

in your car, the best place to live through it completely. Well, long story short,

download this musical health unit and start exercising, left foot front, right.. additional little dance can't hurt, come on, move that ass..


1 Orchestre Kiam - Kamiki 1&2

2 Rumbanella Band - El Congo

3 Mayos Muana Ngombo - Nalembi-kotuna

4 Tabu Ley Rochereau with Afrisa International - Karibou ya bintou

5 le Docteur Nico et son Orchestre - Sukisa miziki ya lokumu

6 Orchestre African Fiesta - Merengue President Roger

7 Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards - Mariam Mboka

8 Sam Mangwana, Franco & le T.P.O.K. Jazz - Toujours OK

9 Vicky et OK Jazz - Rocky a kovenger n'gai

10 Orchestre Cavacha - Okomi kolangua 1&2

11 Jean Bokelo - Mwambe No.4 de Jean Bokelo

12 Orchestre Kamale - Assana muana mawa 1&2

13 Mose se Sengo "Fan Fan' - Pele odidja