Congo, Tours de Force vol.5 - Various Artists MP3/Flac

Good to see these comps finding their way to you. I found vol.1

to be downloaded almost 600 times already. The more reason to

expand the series a bit further. The fifth volume is waiting for you

now. Get it and pass it on, let's all make the

world sound Congolese this week !


1 Les Grands Maquisards - Tokosenga na nzambe

2 Vicky et OK Jazz - Ngai na boyakiyo te

3 African All Stars - Les champions

4 Franco & Tpok Jazz - Tozonga na nganga wana

5 Orchestre Afrisa International - Kaful mayay

6 OK Jazz-Issac Pedro - Si tu bois beaucoup

7 Franco & Tpok Jazz - Mabele

8 Rochereau Tabu Ley - Leki ya mongali...tosuki wapi ?

9 Tiers Monde Cooperation - Bowao

10 Sakade Band - Beya moke

11 Orchestre VГ©vГ© - Baluti 1&2

12 le Docteur Nico et son Orchestre - Beya okei wapi ?