Mose se Sengo 'Fan Fan' - Belle Epoque,RetroAfric 1994 cd MP3/Flac

I received a request for this cd from Mambo Pete. Normally I

would only do LP's but this one is not available in the regular

places anymore so okay. It's a 1994 release on RetroAfric,

and it concerns songs from different periods in 'Fan Fan's'

career. It opens with two tracks from the 'Franco, OK Jazz era',

and ends with material from the time he spent in Kenya.

By the way, did you get this Serge ?


1 Julie la petite

2 Serge

3 Ciska

4 Molema

5 Venus

6 Chama cha mapinduzi

7 Pele odidja

8 Amba

9 Jolie Africa

10 Suki pembe somo somo