Congo, Tours de Force vol.7 - Various Artists MP3/Flac

Hello Groovers,

The world wide web is a miracle, it brings us together.

You know what I mean because you are here to enjoy

the benefits of the music blogs. Exactly how it is meant

to be. We all share our beloved music and everybody's

happy. Many blogs wish to remain exclusive and put some

kind of mark on the cover-pic so you can't use it again. I don't

want to do so because I want you to have the picture as it is.

There is an unwritten rule in our blogosphere however that says

you don't use each other's work without mentioning the source.

I know for some time now that certain blogs use my files to post

them as theirs. Should I be offended because I invested my good

time and money in those posts ? It wouldn't have any effect I guess.

Nee, I think it's better to feel honoured they spread the word and the

good music. The more it's been listened to, the better. The very best

thing I found out, some of those blogs even take over complete compilations

from my page. Absolutely a fantastic feeling to be so hot. I consider it to be

a huge compliment and privilege to be copied that often. Check out these

cyber-friends. They have put in a load of work, ...ahem...

Anxious to see how long it takes before vol. 6 & 7 appear.

So, please enjoy and copy as much as you like, I'm honoured.





1 ThГ©o Blaise Kounkou - Massy

2 Pambou Tchicaya Tchico - Salima

3 Orchestre African All Stars International - Zamba leke

4 Mbilia Bel - Boya ye

5 Sam Mangwana - Zewa idГ©e

6 Mose se Sengo 'Fan Fan' - Masikini ya mola

7 Le Poete Lutumba Simaro et le TPOK Jazz - Coeur artificiel

8 ZaГЇko Langa Langa avec Bimi Ombale - Moloki

9 Mayaoula Mayoni – Potopotoville



To be honest I must admit I used one or two songs in my

compilations that I downloaded from other blogs aswell.

Thank you very much Worldservice !