IL BOOM - SOUNDTRACK (CAM/DURIUM 1963) Jap mastering cardboard sleeve MP3/Flac

Beautiful soundtrack work from Piero Piccioni – an early score, but filled with the kind of weird, offbeat sounds that have always made him a genius! There's a bit of a link here – between earlier Italian scoring, ala Nino Rota, and some of the later, modder sounds of Piccioni's late 60s generation – a really cool blend that comes through in the way the horns play with the rhythms, and the organ has a strange, almost outer-space sort of quality! One number has a cool batucada feel, and the whole thing's got a brilliant Italian cinematic quality – a true under-discovered gem from the great Piccioni...
World premiere Cd release of a rare soundtrack of Piero Piccioni!
This soundtrack from CAM may be pressed only around 500 copies at that time.
So, it must be there are many people dreamt of this CD release.
A wonderful scat, beautiful melody, and a great jazzy and big band arranged Samba Della Ruota.[onlyscore]Here