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This seminal R&B trio was the first group to sport the new jack swing sound, essentially traditional soul vocals melded to hip-hop beats, with credit for the genre's invention going to founder, multi-instrumentalist, and super-producer Teddy Riley. Riley formed his first band, Wreckx-N-Effect, while still a teenager, with brothers Markell Riley and Brandon Mitchell; Guy followed a few years later in 1987. Its first incarnation featured vocalists Aaron Hall and Timmy Gatling. Their self-titled debut album was an instant smash, producing the R&B hits "I Like," "Groove Me," "Spend the Night," and "Teddy's Jam." Meanwhile, Riley found himself in strong demand as a songwriter and producer; in 1988, Riley produced Bobby Brown's Don't Be Cruel, the album that helped new jack swing cross over into the pop mainstream. Riley has also worked with Kool Moe Dee, Michael Jackson (Dangerous), Stevie Wonder, Keith Sweat, Jane Child, and SWV, among others. In between albums, Guy contributed songs to the soundtracks of Do the Right Thing and New Jack City.

By 1989, Guy was in turmoil; Riley's brother Brandon Mitchell was killed in a shooting, and the group became involved in an acrimonious split with manager Gene Griffin over money. 1990's The Future featured Hall's brother, Albert Damion Hall, in place of Gatling and spawned R&B hits in "Let's Chill," "Do Me Right," "D-O-G Me Out," and "Long Gone." However, by the time Riley and Guy finally started to attract media attention for their innovative and influential work, the trio had broken up. Riley concentrated on his production and songwriting career for several years before forming the band Blackstreet with vocalists Chauncey "Black" Hannibal, Dave Hollister, and Levi Little. The quartet released a self-titled debut in 1994. Aaron Hall released his solo debut, The Truth, in 1993; brother Damion followed in 1994 with Straight to the Point. Guy reunited in 1999, issuing Guy III early the following year. Allmusic by Steve Huey

Album: Guy (1988)


01. Groove Me
02. Teddy's Jam
03. Don't Clap...Just Dance
04. You Can Call Me Crazy
05. Piece of My Love
06. I Like
07. Round and Round (Merry Go Round of Love)
08. Spend the Night
09. Goodbye Love
10. My Business

Album: The Future (1990)


01. Her
02. Wanna Get with U
03. Do Me Right
04. Teddy's Jam 2
05. Let's Chill
06. Tease Me Tonite
07. D-O-G Me Out
08. Total Control
09. Gotta Be A Leader
10. The Future
11. Let's Stay Together
12. Where Did the Love Go
13. Yearing for Your Love
14. Smile
15. Long Gone
16. Wanna Get with U (Club Version)

Album: III (2000)


01. Intro
02. Were Comin
03. Dancin
04. Rescue Me
05. Teddys Jam III
06. Do it
07. Why You Wanna Keep Me from My Baby
08. Tellin Me No
09. Not A Day
10. Love Online
11. Spend Time
12. Dont U Miss Me
13. 2004
14. Fly Away
15. Someday

Album: Groove Me: The Very Best Of Guy (2002)


01. Groove Me
02. 'Round And 'Round (Merry Go 'Round Of Love)
03. Teddy's Jam
04. I Like
05. Spend The Night
06. Piece Of My Love
07. My Fantasy (Teddy Riley Featuring Guy)
08. Wanna Get With U
09. Let's Chill
10. Do Me Right
11. D-O-G Me Out
12. Let's Stay Together
13. Teddy's Jam 2
14. Tell Me What You Like
15. Why You Wanna Keep Me From My Baby
16. Dancin'
17. Rescue Me

Album: Guy Special Edition (2007)



01. Groove Me
02. Teddy's Jam
03. Don't Clap...Just Dance
04. You Can Call Me Crazy
05. Piece Of My Love
06. I Like
07. Round And Round (Merry Go Round Of Love)
08. Spend The Night
09. Goodbye Love
10. My Business


01. Groove Me (Extended Version)
02. Teddy's Jam (Extended Version)
03. Don't Clap...Just Dance (12 Mix)
04. I Like (Extended Version)
05. Round And Round (Merry Go Round Of Love) (12 Extended Version)
06. Spend The Night (Extended Version)