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The creation of producer/label-head Dick Griffey and Leon Sylvers, this Los Angeles band did light funk and clever dance-pop numbers in the late '70s and '80s. Bassist Kevin Spencer and vocalists Nidra Beard and Linda Carriere comprised the group. They got off to a fast start with the single "I Don't Want to Be a Freak (But I Can't Help Myself)" from their 1979 LP Your Piece of the Rock. The next single, "I've Just Begun to Love," was their lone Top Ten R&B hit, peaking at number six in 1980. They continued recording for Solar through the '80s, but never registered any other major records. Leon Sylvers joined them in 1981, but his presence didn't rectify the situation. They remained on Solar until 1988.

Album: Your Piece Of The Rock (1979)


01. Your Piece Of The Rock
02. I Don't Want To Be A Freak
03. Satisfied
04. Whene You Feel Like Giving Love
05. It's Still A Thrill


Album: Adventure In The Land Of Music (1980)


01. I've Just Begun To Love You
02. Groove Control
03. Take Another Look At Love
04. Day And Night
05. Do Me Right
06. Something To Remember
07. Adventures In The Land Of Music
08. Ice Breaker
09. I've Just Begun To Love You (Live)


Album: The Second Adventure (1981)


01. Here I Am
02. Pain, Got A Hold On Me
03. A Man In Love
04. Give Love To Me
05. You're My Angel
06. Love In The Fast Lane
07. Revenge
08. Give It Up For Love
09. High Time (I Left You Baby)
10. That Lovin' Feeling


Album: Right Back at Cha! (1982)


01. Check It Out
02. Strokin'
03. The Only One
04. Questions
05. Does That Ring a Bell
06. Straight Out
07. Right Back at Cha!
08. That's the Way I Feel
09. I Can't Stop Loving You
10. All's Fair in Love & War


Album: Day Dreamin' (1986)


01. Cherry Red Bikini
02. Way Out
03. Freeway Lover
04. Everlasting
05. Personality
06. Daydreamin'
07. Tuff Love
08. Lock On Love


Album: Out Of Control (1988)


01. Don't Waste My Time
02. Out of Control
03. Way Out
04. Give Your Love to Me
05. Tell Me (Do U Want My Love)
06. One Girl
07. Cherry Red Bikini
08. Tuff Love


Album: The Best Of (1994)


01. I Don't Want To Be A Freak
02. I've Just Begun To Love You
03. Do Me Right
04. Something To Remember
05. Here I Am
06. Love In The Fast Lane
07. Strokin'
08. Check It Out
09. Don't Waste My Time
10. Tell Me Do You Want My Love
11. Satisfied
12. Your Piece Of The Rock
13. A Man In Love