The All Golden - A Long Good Friday (2002, Microtone) MP3/Flac

It's a damn shame this Buckeye State crew has ostensibly thrown in the towel, 'cos boy, The All Golden knew how to start an album off with a bang!  The leadoff "Your Bad Wires" is an absolutely exhilarating rush that surges and swells on the crest of some very prominent and chilly synth manipulations, recalling the most visceral work of the Wrens, and to a lesser extent Death Cab.  Near-mindblowing, I tell ya, as is track three "Velikovsky," which revels in a like-minded, dense deluge of sonic glory, packing another stupefyingly killer hook into the mix.  From that point on, quality control isn't as stringent, though you'll still be compelled to stick around for the rest of the show which veers from state-of-the-art indie rock a la aughts-era Guided By Voices, to honey-dipped (though not heavy handed) psych-pop, not far removed from say, the High Dials. 

01. Your Bad Wires
02. Bright
03. Velikovsky
04. Message to Bernie
05. Northern Lights
06. Tom Collins (Genius Isn't a Mixed Drink)
07. The Water is Rising
08. Sleepwalking
09. More or Less
10. Smoking's the Last Sin
11. Land of Lincoln
12. Halfway Down
13. Innovation in Miniature