Mockers - Culprit and the King (1985, RCA NZ) MP3/Flac

I'm probably going to keep this one a little short, as I'm feeling under the weather tonight, and as luck would have it, I don't have much in the way of background details to extol on the (or for that matter, an actual copy of this album).  From what little I've read, this New Zealand troupe did quite well for themselves during their tenure, borrowing liberally from a myriad of UK wave/power pop acts of the era.  A quick listen to just about any selection on Culprit and the King will provide ample evidence that the Mockers had some serious mainstream radio crossover potential, without all the fluff and excessive posturing.  Catchy too.  I even have some visual evidence for you below.  Incidentally, there is a Mockers best-of available, that is if you live in New Zealand.

01. Friend of a Stranger
02. Phone Call at Midnight
03. Seven Years Not Wasted
04. Casualty
05. A Winter's Tale
06. Forever Tuesday Morning
07. New Day Dawning
08. One Black Friday
09. Another Boring Day in the Amazon
10. Home Again (Miss Toffolesse)
11. Culprit and the King