BB King Live 2006 DTS 720p Mkv Concert MP3/Flac

BB King Live 2006 DTS 720p Mkv Concert
BB King Live 2006 DTS 720p Mkv Concert
8101 MB | 1h 52mn |Live Concert| Matroska
1280x720 | AVC | 29.970 | | DTS | 6 CH

Filmed over four nights in B. B. King's own Blues clubs in Nashville and Memphis, this production features the B.B. King Blues Band, a band that has performed with him all over the world. This group is tight, and always ready for whatever twist and turn King will inject into his music.

BB King Live 2006 DTS 720p Mkv Concert

1. Manhattan Blues (by B.B. King's band)
2. Two I Shoot (by B.B. King's band)
3. Why I Sing The Blues
4. I Need You So
5. Bad Case Of Love
6. Blues Man
7. When Love Comes To Town
8. All Over Again
9. Ain't That Just Like A Woman
10. A Whole Lot Of Loving
11. Don't Answer The Door
12. You Are My Sunshine
13. Darling, You Know I Love You
14. Rock Me Baby
15. Key To The Highway
16. The Thrill Is Gone
17. Guess Who
18. When The Saints Go Marching In King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part01.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part02.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part03.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part04.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part05.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part06.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part07.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part08.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part09.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part10.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part11.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part12.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part13.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part14.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part15.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part16.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part17.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part18.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part19.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part20.rar King - Live.2006.720p.x264..BDRip.part21.rar