Cardinal Rex Lawson & his Majors Band of Nigeria -Greatest Hits, Polygram / Polydor MP3/Flac

First LP by this artist on this page. We had one track on

the collector 'African Music' some time ago but that's it.

About time to give Rex Lawson some deserved attention.

12 short tracks of which 7 to 12 can be a bit false. B-side

wasn't centered right unfortunately. Still, I think it's worth

a couple of spins, I enjoyed it a lot again while recording.

Mellow kind of Nigerian highlife, listen.


1 Oko
2 Serra nene

3 Ene bate

4 So ala te mem

5 Love mu adure

6 Mekine wa bo te

7 Jolly papa

8 Tamuno bo ibro ma

9 Oweibo nua

10 Ibi na bo

11 Fi gboru ene

12 Ibari ikoru wa