African Retro vol.1 'Pont sur le ZaГЇre' -Various Artists, PathГ© Marconi / EMI 1976 MP3/Flac

From 1976 we have this collection of Congolese songs called

African Retro vol.1 'Pont sur le ZaГЇre'. On side one, 6 songs

by the great Orchestre OK Jazz. Track #4 was written by Coimy,

track #5 by Dele, the other 4 tracks by Franco. On the second side

#1&2 by Essous, Orchestre Bantous, #5&6 also Orchestre Bantous

#5 by Essous and #6 by Mujos. Tracks 3&4 are by Orchestre Cercul.

#3 written by Henry Biby de Massouka and #4 by Franklin Boukaka.

Some fireworks saved for you at the end of the year, cheers.


1 Orchestre OK Jazz - Misele

2 Orchestre OK Jazz - On a ose le dire

3 Orchestre OK Jazz - Polo

4 Orchestre OK Jazz - Bolingo ya bougie

5 Orchestre OK Jazz - Si tu bois beaucoup

6 Orchestre OK Jazz - Le temps passe

7 Orchestre Bantous - Pa' vacillar

8 Orchestre Bantous - Bantous pachanga

9 Orchestre Cercul - Mobali ya craneur

10 Orchestre Cercul - Honole

11 Orchestre Bantous - Endiable merengue

12 Orchestre Bantous - Tout Brazza