Duo Los Ahijados,Kubaney MT-139 MP3/Flac

Happy New Year to all of you !

Thank you for your kind wishes and let's make 2011

a new musical share-year like none before, long live the internet.

To start off, an album on Kubaney with music from the Dominicans.

Brothers Cuco and Martin Valoy are back with a fine LP of son and

guajira. Recover slowly with this laid back latin sound.


1 Amargado

2 El vacilon de pantaleon

3 No me sabes querer

4 Don Lengua

5 Quiero un vacilon

6 Prendela

7 El lunar

8 Vuelve otra vez

9 La puchunguita

10 Mariposita nocturna

11 Nadie me quiere

12 Esa eres tu