African Kings Pili Pili,PathГ© Marconi / EMI 19762 ( C062-15775 ) MP3/Flac

An album by a group I really don't know much about.

Backsleeve tells us Loubassou Kifoueti Denis was born in

1948 in Brazzaville. He is guitarist, composer, singer and

arranger in this band. He started out in 1965 with a group

called 'Congo Fiesta'. It lasted but a year and he moved on

with le Super-TabГ© de Mindouli. This formation fell apart in

7 days but L.K. Denis did not get disencouraged and started

'Manta-Lokoka' with saxophone player 'Pincky' in 1967.

This orchestra lasted till 1971 when he formed 'African Kings

Pili Pili'. It was in 1973 Loubassou Kifoueti Denis and his

African Kings Pili Pili returned to Congo from Libreville.

This LP is from 1976 and you don't want to miss it.


1 Abus de confiance

2 Milaudou

3 Pepe Pierrette

4 Sambela sambela

5 Limbisa ngai papa

6 Mouzeline

7 Phon phon